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Friday, March 13 – Perkins Conference Center

7:45am – 5:00pm Check-in for participants, Lobby of Perkins Conference Center
8:30am–11:30am Workshop 1A Making Lecture Interactive: Voters, Clickers and Think-Pair-Share (Tim Slater), Perkins 211
8:30am–11:30am Workshop 1B Research-based Alternative Formats for Problem Solving (David Maloney), Perkins 221
10:00a–11:30am Session 1 Redesigning Lab Activities to be Student Centered Experiences (Scott Bonham), Perkins 229
11:30am–1:30pm Lunch (w/ networking, exhibitors, make-and-takes, & posters), Lobby
1:30pm–5:00pm Workshop 2A Practicums: An authentic way to test student understanding (Joe Mahler), Perkins 211
1:30pm–5:00pm Workshop 2B Data-Rich Labs and Students’ View of Scientific Inquiry (Stephanie Slater), Perkins 221
1:30pm–3:00pm Session 2A It’s the 21st Century. What Physics are Your Students Learning (Ruth Chabay), Perkins 229
1:30pm–3:00pm Session 2C Closing the Gap Between Homework and Test Scores (Jeremy Morton), Perkins 210
1:30pm–3:00pm Research Talks 1 Current Research and Cutting Edge Technology, Perkins 209
3:30pm–5:00pm Session 2B VPython Programming for Introductory Physics (Bruce Sherwood), Perkins 229
3:30pm–5:00pm Research Talks 2 Improving the Learning Experience Through Education Research, Perkins 209
5:15pm–6:15pm Plenary: HollyWIERD Science: From Quantum Quirks to the Multiverse (Kevin Grazier)
6:20pm–7:20pm Dinner
7:30pm–8:30pm Plenary: Inviting Students Into the 21st Century (Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood)
8:45pm–??? Hanging with the Geeks, Location TBA

Saturday, March 14 – New Science Building

7:30am–11:00am Check-in for participants, Lobby of New Science Building
8:00am–11:00am Workshop 3A Using Go!Motion in the Physics Classroom (David Taylor), NSCB 3121
8:00am–11:00am Workshop 3B Changing Your Classroom: An Action Research Mini-Course (Tim Slater), NSCB 3122
8:00am–9:30am Session 3A Using Planetary Orbits to Teach Gravity (Chris Palma), NSCB 3125
8:00am–9:30am Session 3B Closing the Gap Between Homework and Test Scores (Jeremy Morton), NSCB 3126
9:30am–11:00am Session 3C Pre-labs, Post-labs, Flipped Lab, JIT and Hybrid Labs: Virtual Physics Labs (Chuck Duncan), NSCB 3125
9:30am–11:00am Research Talks 3 Innovative Approaches to Teaching, NSCB 3104
11:10am–12:45pm Plenary Workshop Learning Physics While Practicing Physics (Eugenia Etkina)
12:45pm–1:30pm Lunch, “Make-a-Topic” discussions (Modeling, AP, Integrated Science, Labs, etc.), Lobby
1:30pm–4:30pm Workshop 4A Using Models to Teach Astronomy (Stephanie Slater), NSCB 3121
1:30pm–4:30pm Workshop 4B Building on Argumentation in Engineering (Sharon Schleigh), NSCB 3122
1:30pm–3:00pm Session 4A Resources to implement Investigative Science Learning Environment (Eugenia Etkina), NSCB 3125
1:30pm–3:00pm Session 4B Reverse Game Play as an Intro to Hypothesis Testing (David Maloney), NSCB 3126
1:30pm–3:00pm Research Talks 4 Astrophysical Society of Kentucky, NSCB 3104
3:00pm–4:30pm Session 4D AP Physics B&C: How are Teachers Handling Changes? (Kenny Lee), NSCB 3126

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